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Nature, architecture or unique scenarios


The south of Switzerland amazes for its varied and contrasting territory. Ideal settings for a multitude of screenplays just a few kilometers from each other.

LOCATION database

Our location database is accessible online and is available to interested audiovisual production companies. Continuously updated, it collects a selection of places according to different types and categories. Based on requests from the production, we will check the availability, conditions of use and characteristics of each single location.




The region is told through the eyes of a director or other industry professional, showing not only picturesque images and glossy photos, but also unexpected and less conventional suggestions, demonstrating how Ticino is the ideal place to tell all kinds of stories.


Help the Ticino Film Commission to enhance the territory and propose new corners for future film sets! We are always looking for new locations to propose: houses of all kinds, monuments, public and private infrastructures, natural places with their landscapes. But also closed spaces, interiors furnished and not, we are always looking for suitable places to tell a story. To propose a place to add to our database, contact us and we will provide you with all the useful information.

It is also possible to report locations through your choice of social media using the hashtag #ticinofilmlocation.

All the Locations

Below you can see a selection of locations available for audiovisual productions. For more information on the locations, or if you can’t find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us!


Museums & Art
Unique scenarios
Bellinzona, Biasca and surroundings
Locarno, Ascona and surroundings
Lugano and surroundings
Mendrisio, Chiasso and surroundings
Val di Blenio
Valle Leventina
Valle Onsernone
Valle Verzasca

Do you want to propose a location for the cinema or for an audiovisual project? Contact us 


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