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Green Filmmaking

Cinema can also be sustainable.

Sustainable Cinema

In this section we inaugurate a new trend: green filmmaking, for eco-sustainable shooting.

We are taking the first steps in this direction and, thanks to the collaboration of those who want to join the initiative, it is our intention to propose a list of possible partners, based in Ticino, who are able to offer their services while guaranteeing a brand of eco-sustainable quality. We know from experience that Ticino is a territory that lends itself particularly to these collaborations and offers numerous partnership possibilities: from catering to prop materials, Ticino professionals are already working in the direction of offering customers quality locally sourced solutions. We want to commit ourselves, thanks to everyone's cooperation, to creating a virtuous circle that can benefit the sustainable local businesses as well as the audiovisual producers who will choose to work in our Canton.





The filming of "Monte Verità" by Stegan Jäger

During the production of "Monte Verità" by Stefan Jäger, thanks to the support of the Environment Division of the Department of Territory of Canton Ticino, as well as the Municipalities involved and the Regional Economic Development Body, the TFC has taken the first steps towards the eco-sustainability of audiovisual productions, aiming to reduce the environmental impact of filmmaking within the territory.


Ticino's drinking water

During the 2019 Locarno Film Festival, the TFC launched a collaboration with the Ticino cantonal administration (Department of Territory) aimed at raising awareness among productions about the use of drinking water. Ticino's excellent tap water is economical and environmentally sustainable and gives added value to Ticino's resources.



Reusable tableware

In a press release dated 13 October 2020, the Department of Territory of Canton Ticino published the results of a study on the eco-sustainability of the tableware used in low environmental impact events, underlining the differences between disposable and reusable provisions, with the aim of raising awareness among organisers to make more considered choices.


FOCAL Roundtable: Green Filmmaking

During the 2019 Locarno Film Festival, in collaboration with FOCAL, a roundtable on Green Filmmaking was organized with the aim of analysing, thanks to industry experts, ways of implementing eco-sustainability of the audiovisual industry. 

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Good Practices

Energy saving

By limiting wasting energy resources and polluting emissions, production has the possibility of not only having a positive impact on the environment, but also a significant economic saving.

Choice of materials

Every prop - from the set design itself to make-up and costumes - can contribute to making the set healthier for everyone, encouraging the efficiency of materials and avoiding waste.


Good transport and accommodation planning and timely use of electric or hybrid vehicles contribute to significantly reducing polluting emissions, and facilitate the organization of the set, saving time and energy.


Internal communications

The reduction of paper communication has a great impact for the protection of the environment and generates important production energy and economic savings.


A good healthy and balanced meal consists of small eco-sustainable gestures: local products, compostable or reusable tableware and a bottle to stock up on the excellent water of the Ticino area.

Waste management

Avoiding littering during filming by organizing separate waste collection is an act of responsibility that contributes to creating a greener material cycle.

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