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Il prossimo venerdì 22 ottobre al Cinema LUX art house di Massagno torna nella Svizzera italiana l'evento dedicato al cinema breve, che proporrà al pubblico anche quattro anteprime ticinesi.
Il film sarà presentato in anteprima il prossimo 23 ottobre alle ore 14:30 al cinema Iride di Lugano. Mentre il 26 ottobre verrà trasmesso su RSI LA1 in prima serata.
The ARF/FDS, the Swiss Directing and Screenwriting Association, was guest on October 4 to 5 at the Palacinema in Locarno for its annual retreat.

Ticino Film Commission

We welcome and support audiovisual productions in Southern Switzerland and we promote the region as a location, and center of expertise,  for film, television, the web and beyond.

We also provide financial incentives for films.

They chose Ticino

Monte Verità - The Palace Where Freedom Existed tells the story of a courageous woman who, not without inner tears, manages to find her own way. Between real events and personal drama, the film raises the question - unfortunately still unresolved - of female emancipation: to what extent can a woman decide her own life without coming into conflict with society and its codes?


Production: tellfilm GmbH (Zurigo) in co-production with RSI, Radiotelevisione svizzera, Coin Film (Germania), blue, KGP (Austria) and MMC Movies Köln (Germania) 


Location: Valle Maggia,  Ascona, Losone



The long and painful struggle of Allegra (Matilda De Angelis), a survivor of a dramatic event that cost the lives of three of her friends, to overcome fear. The film kicked off the 2021 Solothurn Film Days and was nominated for the 2021 Swiss Cinema Award (Best Feature Film, Best Cinematography).


Produzione: Imagofilm Lugano in co-production with tempesta (Italia), Climax Films (Belgio) and RSI, Radiotelevisione svizzera.


Location: Lugano, Valle Leventina

Chiara Bellosi is back to directing, after her acclaimed debut feature "Palazzo di Giustizia", with this film that tells the story of Benedetta, a decidedly overweight fifteen-year-old girl, when she meets Armando, aka Amanda, who will drag her into his stray and unruly world. In the cast, Gaia Di Pietro (at her debut), Andrea Carpenzano ("La Terra Dell'Abbastanza", "Il Campione") and Barbara Chichiarelli ("Favolacce", "Suburra"). 

Production: tempesta with Rai Cinema (Italy) in co-production with Tellfilm GmbH (Zurich) and RSI, Radiotelevisione svizzera.


Location: Lugano






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