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Our strength is an enthusiastic and competent team, ready to find the best solutions for the realization of your projects.

We offer free easy access to all the services necessary for pre-production and development of any type of audiovisual production, be it a film, television, web or commercial content: from the selection of locations for filming to the search for technicians, actors and professional extras, to the facilitation of hotel, transport and catering offers to accommodate the whole crew in Ticino.

We also have financial incentives available for films.

How we support you


Contact us for information on filming locations. Based on an initial assessment of your production needs, we will be able to advise you and indicate the ideal locations, providing you with images, contacts and all the necessary information. In addition, you can consult our online Location Guide where you can find ideal settings for any type of production. This is just a selection: do not hesitate to contact us for further ideas!

Location scouting

After an initial consultation with us, we will gladly evaluate the possibility of assigning a location manager to a production that expresses interest in filming in the area. The location manager will be available for a maximum of 5 working days to carry out an initial selection of locations based on the indications received from the production. We will also be able to accommodate up to a maximum of two people from the production (accommodation and meals) during location scouting.


Contact us to receive all the useful information regarding production companies, producers and industry professionals in the region. We provide help in organizing staff selection days and casting sessions while also proposing the necessary facilities for production. Furthermore, you can visit our online Production Guide database to find numerous useful contacts and an extensive list of service companies active in Ticino.

We have a database to search for extras, actors and minor roles and can assist casting and scouting. Even for post-production, from editing to the final mix, we will gladly make available our network of contacts of local firms and organisations.




We offer assistance to productions for obtaining permits to film in public places, occupation of public land, authorization for the use of museum and ecclesiastical spaces and of all areas managed by public bodies. We aim to obtain such permits free of charge or at the lowest cost possible. For private locations, we act as an intermediary to obtain the best discounts in terms of rents and usage costs.


We assist negotiations between production and hotels, restaurants and catering and transport companies by simplifying local relations and ensuring favourable conditions.


We provide financial incentives for productions that choose to film in Ticino. The methods of provision of financial incentives are assessed individually for each project on the basis of specific criteria. In addition, we have an annual budget to support the graduate and post-graduate work of all Swiss film schools.

In addition to this we also provide information and advice on other financial incentives available in Switzerland for film productions, especially the PICS incentive programme.

All information regarding incentives and disbursement criteria can be consulted on the following page.


Financial incentives
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