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Unique and Varied

Discover a territory with a thousand facets.

Ticino offers a large number of evocative and very diverse settings where films of all kinds can be staged.

Those who produce their projects in Ticino take away with them the memory of picturesque, little-known locations, but also of professional and friendly crews, cooperative inhabitants, municipalities and authorities, simplicity and a warm welcome.


From the uncontaminated nature of the glaciers to the industrial architecture of the large commercial railway junctions, from the small traditional villages of the past to urban areas, but also abandoned and anonymous places, in Ticino you can find everything just a few kilometres from each other. Even indoors it has a lot to offer; from modern studio apartments to ancient medieval halls, passing through luxury villas, castles and large concert halls, we have plenty of space to stage any type of action. Visit our location guide.


Also, at a logistical level, Ticino proves to be an ideal place for its proximity to services, an efficient transport network with safe road access even to the most remote places (mountains, forests, glaciers) and hotels and accommodation equipped for every need.




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Ticino is characterized by an extraordinary variety of landscapes. In the north, in the valleys, we find a wilderness with steep alpine peaks and natural waterfalls, forests, glaciers and crystal-clear rivers, green valleys and small traditional villages. The central region is distinguished by the enchanting lake regions, Lake Maggiore on the shores of Locarno, Ascona and Gambarogno and Lake Lugano, where you can breathe “la dolce vita” among palm trees and olive trees. Here, the warm and sparkling atmosphere of the towns envelops historic palaces and elegant hotels, town squares and gardens in bloom, castles and medieval villages. There is no shortage of countryside, agriculture and livestock as well as pastures and residential villages. Lugano is a small financial capital overlooking the lake dotted with modern buildings that sprout between those from the early 20th century. In the south, the climate is already Mediterranean. Mendrisiotto, also called the Tuscany of Switzerland, offers vast hilly views where you can admire immense vineyards and romantic sunsets as well as more urban and industrial settings. Everywhere in Ticino, nature, in its various guises from palm trees to Alpine peaks passing through chestnut groves and even tropical forests, is ever present and accessible.


Weather and climate

Ticino is known and appreciated for being the sunniest region in Switzerland throughout the year. In the lakes region, the average annual temperature is 12°C and the thermometer rarely drops below zero and rises above 30°C. In Locarno, during an average year, there are over 2,170 hours of sunshine, or 58% of the sunshine possible.




We provide free advice to find the ideal solutions to all your production needs; from the selection of the best locations for filming to the search for technicians, actors and professional extras, up to the provision of hotel facilities, transport and catering to accommodate the whole crew in Ticino. Our strength is having an efficient team with a vast network of contacts throughout the region, which does its best to offer a professional experience and make the filming for those wishing to shoot in Ticino a success.


Ticino offers the simplicity of an efficient and collaborative public administration. Whether it is organizing night-time shots or public holiday filming, blocking a road or shooting in a public or private area, we will help you to easily and quickly obtain the necessary authorizations to ensure your filming in the utmost peace of mind, professionalism and with the lowest possible costs.





Ticino offers not only a good climate and ideal locations for filming, but also the professionalism of those involved, speed and organizational efficiency, close proximity to institutions and confidentiality. From the most creative craftsmen to the workforce, those who have filmed in Ticino returned home with the memory of collaborative, multilingual, generous and friendly crews.




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