What we do

We support audiovisual projects in Ticino and we promote the region as a location, and competence center, for film, television, web and beyond.

The Ticino Film Commission is a non-profit foundation, established in 2014 thanks to the important public financial support guaranteed by the regional economic policy of the Republic and Canton of Ticino through the Department of Finance and Economy with the aim of promoting and enhancing the Ticino area as a location for cinema and for any form of audiovisual production. Its founding members are Ticino Turismo, the Locarno Film Festival, Associazione Film Audiovisivi Ticinese (AFAT) and the Gruppo registi e sceneggiatori indipendenti della Svizzera italiana (GRSI of ARF/FDS).

Thanks to an enthusiastic and expert team, we have not only stimulated the networking and development of audiovisual skills in the area, but above all we have welcomed and supported national and international audiovisual productions that choose Ticino as a location for their projects, successfully fulfilling our goal: to create economic, tourist and cultural benefits in our region. By attracting and supporting audiovisual productions capable of enhancing the cultural, scenic and historical heritage of the area, we are committed to creating new job opportunities and growth for local professionals, while making a contribution to the tourist visibility of our Canton. Furthermore, we support the local audiovisual industry by creating opportunities for meetings, exchanges and training for industry professionals.



A regional economic policy project promoted by the Department of Finance and Economy (DFE) of the Republic and Canton of Ticino.


Since 2015...

10 Mio


million francs of direct expenditure into the local economy by the productions


117 +

completed projects in Ticino 

with our support


number of direct overnight stays generated

by productions in the region

5000 +

Operational staff

Niccolò Castelli




Tel. +41 91 751 19 76


Eva Ruffini

Communication and promotion of audiovisual 


Press inquiries:


Tel. +41 91 751 19 75

Lisa Barzaghi

Production assistance and administration



Tel. +41 91 751 19 76

Cristiana Giaccardi

Production assistance






Nicola Pini

Chairman (appointed by the founding members)


Michela Pini

Vice-President (member representing AFAT - Associazione Film Audiovisivi Ticino)


Alessandra Gavin-Müller

Member (representing GRSI - Gruppo Registi e Sceneggiatori Svizzera italiana)


Simona Gamba

Member (representing Locarno Film Festival)


Kaspar Weber

Member (representing Ticino Turismo)