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Locarno Pitching Day 2022

On Monday 8 August, as part of the 75th Locarno Film Festival, the second Locarno Pitching Day will be held, organised by the Ticino Film Commission in collaboration with LocarnoPro

As part of the 75th Locarno Film Festival, the Ticino Film Commission, in collaboration with LocarnoPro and with the support of Ticino Turismo and the Mendrisiotto Tourist Organisation organised an event for film industry professionals attending the Festival with the aim of promoting the search for co-productions, distribution and financing of films in development that could have a regional impact.


The day will be an opportunity for a food and wine tour and a visit to the fascinating Torre dei Forni in the Parco della Breggia in the Mendrisiotto, one of the many film locations to be discovered in our region. The participants will thus able to share moments of exchange and discussion and above all to discover the southern area of our Canton.


The Breggia Park area stretches along the Breggia River, which, over millions of years, has carved deep gorges that today represent one of the most important geological sites south of the Alps. The Torre dei Forni is the building resulting from the pioneering redevelopment of the former Saceba cement factory located in the lower part of the park. A truly evocative location, where the contrast between rural and industrial reality, which for almost half a century had to share the area, is evident. A definite cinematic inspiration to take home from Ticino.


A selection of production companies from Ticino, beyond the Alps and Switzerland's neighbouring countries, writers and producers will tell a professional audience about their film and then receive feedback and, hopefully, start new collaborations.


In advance, we thank all participants for this important opportunity to meet and discuss film projects, and hope that these can be further developed in the region.


Below is a short video made last year on the occasion of Locarno Pithcing Day 2021. The event was accompanied by a guided tour of two picturesque places in Ticino: the Botanical Park of the Brissago Islands and the Teatro Dimitri in Verscio.



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