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PRODUCTION SOUND MIXER: NOTES&THOUGHTS: Edgar Iacolenna's book on the film profession of sound engineer

Edgar Iacolenna is in bookshops with 'Production Sound Mixer: notes&thoughts', a book that presents the professional figure of production sound mixer through seven interviews with seven internationally renowned sound engineers

We are pleased to announce the publication of the book 'Production Sound Mixer: notes&thoughts' by Edgar Iacolenna. At last, the sound engineer resident in Ticino has published the book he had been planning for several years. "Production Sound Mixer: notes&thoughts" presents the cinematographic figure of the production sound mixer, through seven interviews with seven internationally renowned sound engineers (several Academy Awards) from different countries, including Switzerland with Patrick Becker.

The book is in English and is available both in paper format and as an ebook, on the main online platforms. In Ticino, a few copies are available at the bookstore Il Segnalibro in Lugano.

For more information, please visit the book's page on Edgar Iacolenna's website.  



Edgar Iacolenna takes you on a discovery of the profession of production sound mixer.

What is this book?

It represents the 'journey', in a figurative sense, that he wanted to undertake in order to discover the various ways of understanding this profession; the various ways of approaching the profession of production sound mixer and, therefore, the recording of sound on set.

He had the opportunity to interview seven top international sound engineers, chosen by him and ask them twelve questions.

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