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25.12.2021 . Istituzionale

Happy Holidays and see you in 2022!

Everyone who's worked with us this year full of productions, a big thank you.

Dear friends, partners and employees,
Dear audiovisual professionals in Ticino and beyond,


The month of December for filmmakers is even shorter but no less fascinating. The hours of sunshine are few and the cold freezes the bones of those who work on the sets, but the low, cutting light of the sun always on the horizon and the muffled silence that the snow brings with it are elements with which it is possible to build emotions and atmospheres of pure cinematic magic. 


Time has flown by at the Ticino Film Commission. Before going into hibernation, let’s thank all the technical and artistic staff, freelancers, producers, writers, directors, journalists, all the institutional and regional partners, authorities, the Canton (in particular the Department of Finance and Economy and the Department of Territory) and municipalities that have worked with us in this 2021 studded with productions. To date, we shot for 300 days of sets, welcomed and accompanied 42 productions, disbursed funds for 72'000 francs and generated 4.8 mio direct expenditure within the territory. We are happy and hope you are with us. 


Follow our social media channels for some suggestions of films shot in Ticino to watch during the holidays and note the following date: 20 January, 2022. On that day we will present our new funds for the development of screenplays and scripts in Switzerland and other news at the Solothurn Film Days.

See you there, for a toast and to wish each other a cinematic 2022.


See you soon, wishing you Happy Holidays.

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