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The Fund

The Fund for the Promotion of the Italian Language in Swiss Cinema offers targeted aid to Swiss production companies, writers and filmmakers with the following purposes:

Bring about greater exchange between the national regions

Contribute to the dissemination of cinematographic works from and to Italian-speaking Switzerland

Facilitate the financing of audiovisual projects planned entirely or partly in Italian

The administrative and financial management of the Fund is delegated to the Ticino Film Commission, which works in close collaboration with the other financing partners.


Financial support is proposed for film projects in Italian during the different stages of their production process: writing of treatments and scripts, translation of the production dossier into other national languages and final subtitles.

For Swiss film projects in German, French or Romansh that include dialogue, scenes or sequences in Italian in the original version, writing advice and development and translation support is provided.

Finally, the Fund proposes support for the creation of Italian subtitles for films made in other national languages.

Independent production companies that have been established in Switzerland for at least three years and have at least one feature-length film to their credit are eligible. Swiss or foreign authors who have been established in Switzerland for at least three years and have at least one feature film work to their credit are eligible for treatment assistance as independent authors.


Details of the conditions of access, documents required, possible amounts and deadlines are published in the Fund's Application Rules.

Applications for support may be sent at any time by electronic means to italiano@ticinofilmcommission.ch. Support will only be granted until the Fund is exhausted and applications will be processed in the order in which they are received.


The Fund, promoted by the Ticino Film Commission, is supported by private and public partners. For the pilot year 2023, the main funders of the Fund are:

Financial incentives

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