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The Airolo Film Fund fund, made available by the municipality of Airolo, will be provided with a maximum of CHF 20,000 annually and will allow film production companies resident in Switzerland or abroad to receive a credit on direct expenses incurred with companies, facilities, services and professionals in the municipal area during the production of the film.


Initiated by the executive of the municipality at the foot of St. Gotthard, this regional fund is an important instrument designed to promote audiovisual production in Ticino and at the same time help to increase economic activities of various kinds in the area.




Airolo is located along the Gotthard route, on the southern side, in the canton of Ticino, at an altitude of 1176 metres above sea level and enjoys a strategic geographical position, making it an essential link between northern and southern Europe.


It is characterised by countless alpine landscapes amidst forests (predominantly coniferous), pastures, streams, lakes and snow-capped peaks, which are very popular with hikers and mountain lovers.


Until the major aggregation processes took place, Airolo, with a surface area of 94 square kilometres, was the largest commune in Ticino. A large part of this territory is owned by the aristocracy, which takes care of its management, in particular of woods, pastures, access roads, agricultural assets and various structures.


Thanks to the development of communication routes, Airolo is easily accessible all year round by road and rail, and during the winter season, an efficient snow-clearing service is always ready to come into operation. The Alpine passes, which can be crossed during the summer season, are pleasant travel options that can serve as a viable alternative to roads clogged with traffic.


The Alta Leventina district is characterised by innumerable alpine landscapes amidst woods, pastures, watercourses, small lakes and snow-capped peaks, much appreciated by hikers and mountain lovers. It is the ideal starting point for beautiful walks during the summer season with routes such as the Strada Alta, Strada degli Alpi or the ascents to the Cristallina, Corno Gries, Piansecco, Cadlimo and Cadagno mountain huts.


The Airolo Film Fund is intended to be an initiative capable of showcasing an area in the heart of Switzerland and Europe and full of places that deserve attention. Airolo's political work perfectly embodies this need for development. The fund is intended to be an innovative and valuable instrument for cultural development, economic promotion and enhancement of the region.


Those who love the history of skiing and sport in general will find plenty to do in Airolo: the first skis in Italian-speaking Switzerland (1879), the first two ski jumps (1926 and 1934: the ruins are still visible), the toboggan lift (1938) and the first ski lifts in Lüina and Pesciüm, not to mention famous national and international skiers (Doris De Agostini, Michela Figini, Katrin Müller, Deborah Scanzio, Lara Gut-Behrami, etc.). Today, in winter, alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, ski touring and snowshoeing can be practised.


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