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Mendrisio Film Fund

The Mendrisio Film Fund, the result of a collaboration between the Ticino Film Commission and the City of Mendrisio, allows production companies residing in Switzerland or abroad to receive a credit for direct expenses incurred with companies, facilities, services and professionals for the production of films shot within the area of the City of Mendrisio. In this way, the city intends to encourage spending and direct economic development in the area.

The city

Mendrisio overlooks Lake Lugano, on the slopes of Monte Generoso and Monte San Giorgio, where the Mediterranean landscape blends with the pre-alpine one.


The City now has 10 neighborhoods; each with its own characteristics. This allows the town to offer a great diversity of settings in a small geographical area. In a few kilometers you can find medieval nuclei, industrial areas, forests, agricultural areas, shopping centers, historic buildings, but also modern ones, trains of the past, highways, mountain roads, etc..


The presence of the university faculty of architecture, the studio of the architect Mario Botta, as well as artists of the past (Vincenzo Vela) and of today (Ivo Soldini) enrich the wide "catalog" of views offered by the town.


Map of the districts of the City of Mendrisio (PDF)






In this region the Mediterranean landscape blends with the pre-alpine one, offering easy access to the main communication routes (Malpensa, Gotthard Base Tunnel and freeway) as well as proximity to the Italian border.

Cultural and naturalistic heritage


Several historical places and two UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Processions of Holy Week in Mendrisio, Monte San Giorgio) make the region interesting also for its strong cultural connotation as well as landscape-naturalistic.


The Mendrisio Film Fund adds to the concrete will of the region to welcome and support film productions. This openness towards the art of cinema is expressed in the proposal of locations and services that meet the technical and artistic needs of the most diverse audiovisual projects.

Sustainable accommodation and services

A good availability of quality accommodation of various categories that carry on the values of tradition always with a careful eye to sustainability and the search for authenticity, complete the picture of a region full of hidden corners a few steps from major urban centers.

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