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07.09.2022 . Ciak in Ticino

Peter Luisi's hilarious comedy BON SCHUUR TICINO chooses the Locarno area for its filming

Zurich-based filmmaker Peter Luisi is shooting his new feature film "Bon Schuur Ticino" on the banks of the Verbano River

Filming began on Sunday 4 September for the new film by Zurich director Peter Luisi, produced by Spotlight Media Productions AG and supported by the Ticino Film Commission. For ten days various locations in the Locarno region will lend themselves as the set of "Bon Schuur Ticino". Part of the filming has already taken place in Airolo and the Swiss interior, where the production will travel again for the completion of the filming. The film is also set in Zurich, Geneva and Bern. The film's release is scheduled for the summer of 2023.


The play tells the story of an ironic "no longer multilingual Switzerland" in which a group of rebels refuse to adapt to the results of an unlikely citizens' initiative. The main actors are the well-known Swiss stand-up comedian Beat Schlatter, the Ticino actress, singer and dancer Catherine Pagani, in her first film and the actor and satirical writer Vincent Kucholl, in addition to the many extras from the region. Several Ticino industry professionals were also employed on the set. 


A crazy referendum throws Switzerland into a state of emergency. The adoption of the "NO BILINGUAL" initiative means that there will be only one national language from now on! Many Swiss suffer a profound crisis. Walter Egli (56), who works for the Federal Police and has to ensure that the transition to monolingualism goes smoothly, is one of them. He has to travel to Ticino with a partner who speaks another language to discover a monolingualism resistance group.


The director
Peter Luisi was born in Zurich in 1975. With his seven feature films, including "Verflixt Verliebt", "The Sandman", "Unlikely Heroes", and "Streaker", as well as co-writing Fredi Murer's "Vitus," he has succeeded in attracting the attention of the general public. His films have received the Zurich Film Award, 9 nominations for the Swiss Film Prize, the Audience Award at the Locarno Film Festival and numerous other international awards.


The production
Spotlight Media Productions AG was founded in Zurich in 2000. It has produced seven feature films which have been seen by more than 200,000 people in movie theaters and several million on television, both at home and abroad. The three television formats they produced were all broadcast in prime time on Sunday evening on SRF 1 and have been viewed several million times in total.


We invite you to discover some backstage pictures.

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