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Hotel Vezia, Lugano


Hotel Vezia, Lugano

Built by the architect Orfeo Amado, from Lugano, it follows the same model of typical North American motels, especially those from the south. The motel Vezia was built in Vezia, in 1957, one of Lugano’s neighbourhoods.

The Motel stands on the cantonal road to San Gottardo. Its flashy original American style architecture from the 50’s attracts anyone passing on that road, from the outside it’s a very peculiar place, completely different to anything we can see in the region of Ticino.

 Inside, the immersion back in the 50s is even stronger. It looks like a ready-to-shoot costume set.

The building is separated in two main parts, the reception-dinner and the bedrooms, divided by a small road. A swimming pool stands at the left end of the bedroom part and each room is on top of a parking garage.

Internal and external location.


20th century
Natural environment