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The former San Giorgio barracks in Losone.


The former San Giorgio barracks in Losone.

The former San Giorgio barracks takes its name from the nearby village. The building's surface area is just over 5,200 square metres, with a volume of about 55,000 cubic metres. The building is an example of the Modern architecture in Switzerland during the late 1940s. The complex consists of three parts: a central part and two lateral wings.                                                                                                                

Inaugurated in 1951, it hosted the Grenadiers until 1973, then until 2000 the Medical troops, and then left again to the Grenadier Command until December 2006. It has since lent itself to many functions.

In 2019, the adjacent park, Arbigo Park, was opened to the public, with an area of almost 13,000 square metres. During the Locarno Film Festival 2019, the barracks became the venue for the festival's Basecamp, hosting 200 artists from all over the world.

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